Homeopathic Detox Therapy For Your Family

Homeopathic Detox Therapy is a tool that we can use to reduce the significant burden our body is under by the modern world. I'm writing this casually between consultations on a Monday morning to give you the information you're seeking. It is written as it comes to mind, supported by text books that surround me, and maybe one day I'll have many hours free to refine it. 

I'd like to preface by sharing some thoughts. We can no longer say 'if it was harmful they wouldn't sell' or 'if it was that bad they wouldn't recommend it', firstly who is 'they'? and secondly YES 'they' will. A prime example is that known carcinogens are still used in many products, including the sunscreens that are made by the cancer council. Carcinogens are ingredients (toxic chemicals) that have been scientifically proven to contribute to cancer. So you may have been shocked when a few sunscreens were recalled last year for having high levels of toxic chemicals, but I wasn't, because I know these companies are ever so 'carefully' using cancer contributing chemicals into their products 'just' within the supposed limit set by the Government. Another is that based on my client's history, the childhood vaccination schedule (In Australia) that has tripled in the last 30 years... That's saying that my 4 year old clients have received 3 times more than their 35 year old parents. The burden that this places on a growing immune system is enormous, not to mention the additional ingredients that are in the vaccination and going straight into the blood stream.. More on this soon. 

Homeopathic Detox Therapy is incredible for its power in resolving the 'root cause'. It goes beyond symptom management. If you think for yourself or a loved one, is there a time in your life that your health changed and has never been the same since? What was happening at that time? For many of my clients it's the C0V!D V, that they so clearly remember noticing a change after. For some that's progressed to diagnosed heart conditions, for others that is the negative impact on their hormones and menstrual cycles. This is where we can use the original cause in a homeopathic remedy to detoxify, balance and restore our body.

The best way for me to think of how Homeopathy works as a detox is based on the Vacuum theory by Ton Jansen (the King of Detox Therapy IMO). Humans are unique combinations of minerals, microbes, gases and metals. If any unique area of ourselves falls out of balance, pathology can develop. This is what I see, so many burdens put on the body that it cannot maintain balance (homeostasis), it can be just 1 more intervention away from allowing dis-ease to thrive. This is where higher potencies of homeopathic remedies can be used to create a 'vacuum' of their unique essence. The vacuum has the ability to attract to itself when given to a patient with the corresponding symptoms (the similimum). For example, a 10M (high potency) of a vaccine remedy MMR can act as a vacuum to draw excess MMR from a person who takes it. This has the power to bring balance back. Ton discusses that this can balance can be both a material concept (eg an excess of the physical substance in the body), or a mental excess. The remedy has the power to bring back balance in all areas. 

These vacuums hold particular pockets of information for our body to respond in the most gentle and powerful way. Ton explains, when we take a remedy it causes the associated toxins in our body to move out via our urine and faeces. It reminds the body that these toxins do not belong to our unique body. It also works to bring the balance back in our emotional state, as that can be just as toxic as the physical. The increased excretion of toxic substances has been demonstrated in laboratory research and testing as well (Boiron 1962, Cire 1963, Dicke 2012 and Ton Jansen in clinical practice).

So, now are you wondering *what* can be detoxed? Almost anything, from your childhood vaccinations, recent vaccinations, medications (eg steroids and oral contraceptive pill), recreational drugs and illnesses. 

Still wondering why? To reduce the toxic load on your body, clear a layer of burden so that you can enjoy the life ahead of you and give your body the best chance of coping with further stress and toxic exposure of the modern world. 

When should this be done? As soon as possible, for the sake of your health! If your child is mid way through the vaccination schedule, I provide what they need ongoing so you don't need to keep coming back for that, it's all inclusive. This also means that your child is going into the next round of vaccinations with less of a strain from the previous ones.

After detoxing vaccinations will my child still be 'vaccinated'? Yes, your child will remain vaccinated and the detox will not affect antibodies in their blood. We are assisting the body to rebalance after receiving it and 'deal' with any negative effects left, plus excrete any physical remnants left. The immune system has already learnt what it can from the vaccination and homeopathy is not 'un training' this.

I hope this has given you more clarity and answered many questions you have regarding Homeopathic Detox Therapy. It is mind blowing that we have this tool for our families and I love supporting you on this journey of health. Please never hesitate to reach out. I now offer a package to cover your health history using the detox and improve your health with Homeopathy, click 'Services' to find out more. 


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